Our goal is to deliver excellent, professional grade legal services to individuals injured in car accidents.

The Law Office of Jermaine D. Hammonds provides you with comprehensive services to include settlement, negotiation, mediation, and lawsuit filing and litigation. Call (301) 706-8835. We assist you with referrals to licensed medical providers.

Meet the Firm

At the Law Office of Jermaine D. Hammonds, we believe that every car accident case is different. For this reason, we acquire and scrutinize your records so that we place you in the best possible light when it comes to negotiations. While some personal injury cases are worth more than 400,000.00, others are actually worth zero. At the Law Office of Jermaine D. Hammonds, we only accept cases that we truly believe to have merit.  Give us a call at (301) 706-8835.

Our guiding principles include fairness, honesty, good faith dealings, and professionalism. We have served hundreds of satisfied clients and look forward to serving you as well.

Jermaine D. Hammonds


Jermaine is the firms' trial attorney and general manager. He handles car accident and various personal injury claims.  He negotiates with insurance companies on your behalf, and serves as your trial attorney should you decide to pursue litigation. Jermaine takes great pride in obtaining excellent settlements for clients, and truly wants to get good results for you, too. Jermaine's education began in Prince Georges County, Maryland a suburb of Washington.  He is a proud graduate of Oxon Hill High School. Jermaine believes that hard work and commitment can achieves success in any venue, and he's ready to put that principle to work for you. Jermaine attended the University of Baltimore School of Law and graduated cum laude, all while earning an MBA from Towson University. Prior to that, Jermaine worked as an employee for the State of Maryland for nearly a decade where he earned 3 promotions. Jermaine earned the privilege to work for the State of Maryland almost immediately after graduating from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, in Princess Anne, Maryland. Jermaine spent many hours in the Frederick Douglass Library studying biological science, rehabilitation, and medical terminology that continues to be helpful with litigating the injury portion of your car accident cases.

Jermaine enjoys biking, listening to music, watching tv, and thinking of ways to better serve the victims of car accidents.  He likes to compete and is always trying to win as long as it is fair and square. Jermaine stands true to principles of honesty, fairness, and good faith dealings with others. Jermaine's former clients describe him as a good dude.

Barbara Muschette

Receptionist and Mail Clerk

Barbara Muschette serves as receptionist and mail clerk. She handles extremely important legal documents for the Firm and guides you upon your physical arrival to the office.

Ms. Muschette is originally from Mount Hope, West Virginia, a coal mining town about 60 miles south of Berkley. Ms. Muschette enjoys going to church, traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

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