Below you may find a useful a set of frequently asked questions and answers when it comes to your Car Accident case.

Q.  Do I need a lawyer or can I settle my own case?

A.  It is in your best interest to have a lawyer. By and large the overall amount that injured persons are able to put in pocket after medical expenses, expert fees, and legal fees, is much greater when a qualified Attorney and Paralegal is handling the claim. Consider the following example:  Driver "A" is injured but settles his own case for 1,400, but his case was worth somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 dollars as measured by admissible evidence such as medical expenses and lost wages documentation. If Driver "A" had hired a qualified attorney at 1/3rd rate, he would have put nearly 5 times more in his pocket depending on whether there were any medical liens such as medicare or medicaid, private physician bills, therapist bills, orthopedic bills, emergency room bills, or other liens.

Q.  What is a personal injury lien on recovery?

A.  A "lien" as it relates to your car accident case is notice that a medical provider has a right to a portion of your settlement due to an outstanding bill.  In Maryland, the law is that attorneys' withhold all unpaid medical costs and pay those funds directly to the medical provider at the time of settlement. We hold strict to this rule in our practice to protect all interested parties. We pride ourselves in being transparent about the entire process and truly want to see everyone get paid, fair and square.


Q.  How much does your firm charge to handle car accident cases?

A.  1/3rd of the gross recovery for bodily injury claims and 40% if a lawsuit is filed. This deal works out best for everyone because the firm has an incentive to get you more money because the more we get you, the hire the earnings. This agreement also relieves you of having to expend out of pocket legal fees up front.

Q.  The insurance company keeps calling me, what should I do?

A.  If you have been injured in a car accident and are looking to hire an attorney, call (301) 706-8835, let our lawyer get right to work for you.

Q.  Can you take my case even if I already had another Lawyer?

A. Yes, but our firm will need to obtain written proof that you and the other attorney have fully terminated the relationship. Once the relationship has been terminated in writing go ahead and give us a call at (301)706-8835.

Q.  What should I do if I have been injured in a Car Accident?

A.  Obtain medical attention then call our firm at (301) 706-8835 for highly skilled and qualified legal representation.  The sooner you call us, the better.  You should seek medical attention promptly and be sure to take several pictures of the injuries and damage.  This can be used as evidence if we have to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver on behalf of the injured. After you have formerly hired us, we will gather all of the important medical documentation, proof of lost wages, and loss of use for Uber and Lyft Drivers.

Q.  How long will it take for me to settle my case?

A.  Each case is different and there is no one size fits all.  Depending on the status of medical treatment, your case may settle in as little as 5 days or it could take up to several months depending on the severity of the case and body parts affected.

Q.  How long should I go to the therapist or chiropractor after I have been injured in a Car Accident?

A.  There is no set time to obtain therapy.  The answer to this question largely depends on the doctor's assessment and the patients communication with the doctor.  Often times, the Doctor will decide; based on medical evidence; that she needs to send the patient to another doctor, a specialist.  This process may prolong treatment and may or may not increase damages depending on the overall diagnosis.  Because we are not medical professionals, we cannot advise you as far as duration.  Our primary focus is making sure that the case is prepared to litigate fully so that we can obtain full and fair settlement promptly.  Give us a call for a consultation at (301) 706-8835.

Q.  Can I get paid for my Car Accident case if I was in a car accident in the past and was injured then, too?

A.  Yes.  The law states that negligent parties are liable for damages that flow directly from the negligent act. Period. It is no defense to negligence that the person was involved in a car accident in the past and had already injured that body part. Now, there will be an argument that some of your injuries are related to the past injury and therefore the current defendant is not liable. However, this can be overcome; (assuming it is true), by proving full recovery from the previous accident with no medical trauma in the interim. Basically, we can expect defendant to argue that you had a preexisting injury that he did not cause.

Q.  Can you handle my car accident case even if I received a ticket, but the ticket was unjustified?

A. Most of the time, no.  However, in some limited cases we have represented injured victims that received a ticket on the scene but there must be clear evidence that the ticket was unlawful.

Q.  I was the Passenger, can you represent me in my car accident case, or do I need the driver's permission?

A. Yes. We can represent you.  You do not need the driver's permission to recover personal injury protection benefits.

Q. Does it matter where the Car Accident happened, or can you represent me regardless of where the accident happened?

A.  Our attorneys and paralegals are licensed and certified in Maryland which allows us the privilege of handling your car accident regardless of where it occurred.  As long as Maryland courts could potentially have jurisdiction over the case, we can handle it. In fact, we can still handle it by way of pro hac vice which is a mechanism in which one Jurisdiction may allow an out of state attorney the right to practice in that jurisdiction for the limited purpose of the pending case. Nevertheless, we handle cases in Accokeek, Adelphi, Andrews AFB, Aquasco, Baden, Beltsville, Brandywine, Brock Hall, Calverton, Camp Springs, Cedarville, Chillum, Clinton, Coral Hills, Croom, East Riverdale, Fairwood, Forestville, Fort Washington, Friendly, Glassmanor, Greenbelt, Glenn Dale, Hillandale, Hillcrest Heights, Kettering, Konterra, Lake Arbor, Landover, Langley Park, Lanham, Largo, Marlboro Meadows, Marlbor Village, Marlow Heights, Marlton, Melwood, Mitchellville, National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Peppermill Village, Queen Anne, Queenland, Rosaryville, Seabrook, Silver Hill, South Laurel, Springdale, Suitland, Summerfield, Temple Hills, Walker Mill, West Laurel, Westphalia, Woodlawn, Woodmore, Ardmore, Avondale, Berwyn, Carmody Hills, Carole Highlands, Cedar Heights, Chapel Oaks, Cheltenham, Collington, Danville, Green Meadows, Indian Creek Village, Kentland, Lewisdale, Meadows, Montpelier, Muirkirk,, North College Park, Palmer Park, Piscataway, Raljon, Rogers Heights, South Bowie, Tantallon, Tuxedo, Vansville, West Hyattsville, White Hall, Woodyard, Good Luck Towns, Indian Head, La Plata, Port Tobacco Village, Bensville, Bryans Road, Bryantown, Cobb Island, Hughesville, Pomfret, Potomac Heights, Rock Point, Saint Charles, Waldorf, Bel Alton, Benedict, Dentsville, Faulkner, Glymont, Grayton, Ironside, Issue, Malcom, Marbury, Morgantown, Mount Victoria, Nanjemoy, Newburg, Pisgah, Popes Creek, Port Tobacco, Pomonkey, Ripley, Rison, Swan Point, Welcome, and White Plains.

Q. Can I still receive compensation for my car accident case even if I use my employer insurance to cover the cost.

A.  Yes, but often times medical insurance providers will have what is called a "lien" on any recoveries.  By law, if there is a lien, it has to be paid out of settlement.

Q. Will you be handling my car accident case alone, or will you have support?

A.  We have ample support to handle your case. The firm employs 1 paralegals, 1 full time attorney, 1 desk receptionist, and 1 associate to help on an as needed basis. Customer service is our first priority because without you there is no us. We truly appreciate you

Q. I want to borrow money against my case, can you help me with that?

A. Our firms practice is to advise you not to borrow monies against your case.  This in no way means that we are not confident in our ability to achieve results.  However, we strongly advise against loans due to natural uncertainties of litigation.

Q.  Can I have monies reimbursed for mileage to and from doctor's appointments?

A.  Yes. The typical reimbursement rate is .55 per mile

Q. Can I get reimbursed for the Diminished Value of my car?

A. Yes. We have an expert available for consultation when it comes to your luxury or vintage car. If you have a nice car, and you believe that a car accident has caused the market value to decline, then give us a call.

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