Did you purcahse enough car insurance?

Why did you buy car insurance? Some would say that they purchased car insurance because they do not want to be held responsible for any damage or bodily injury accidently caused while driving. Others, would say that they obtained insurance because it was required to register a car in Maryland. Despite the reason; if you do get into an accident and hurt someone badly, you would be thankful that you had the sense of mind to pay a little extra for a higher policy limit.  The minimum required coverage is a mere 30,000.00 for bodily injury per person and 60,000 per accident. Do you believe that this amount of coverage would be enough if you seriously injure someone? Most likely not. The emergency room bills, physician bills, lost wages, property damage, orthopedic bills, surgery bills, and chiropractor bills could easily exceed 150,000.00. If you only had the bare minimum, you could be personally liable for 90,000.00 plus non-economic damages including pain in suffering and emotional distress.  If you purchased insurance because you actually want it to work for you in the event that something happens, you should save yourself by getting the higher policy limits, especially if you drive everyday. It is tempting to get the bare minimum coverage just to save money but it is a very bad strategy. Drivers are wise to obtain at least a policy limit of 100,000.00 bodily injury if you have a 4 door sedan or SUV. Also, be sure that you have Personal Injury Protection, otherwise known as "PIP". It is not a good strategy to waive pip in order to save money. The cost of PIP is a mere fraction of the actual medical expenses for an accident. Word to the wise, be sure you have personal injury protection. You can go to your insurance company website, login and click insurance documents/declaration page. This is where you can find out exactly how much coverage you have. If you have the bare minimum, you should seriously consider getting enough just in case. Otherwise, your car insurance may not do what you think it should if something happens. Not having enough car insurance is one thing you do not want to regret.

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